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School Site Council

What’s the Single Plan for Student Achievement?

The Single Plan for Student Achievement is a state mandated, comprehensive plan designed to improve the effectiveness of the school program required by No Child Left Behind.  The plan profiles the student populations at Ponderosa and details the strengths, weaknesses and goals of the subject areas.  The plan also describes how the students are nurtured in an environment that is safe and secure.  The Plan lists the staff development days that are workshops to enrich the teaching staff.  The Plan is approved by the School Site Council and is then forwarded to the Board of Education.

What about the other activities I’ve heard about?  You’re probably thinking about Mornings with Mom, Daybreak with Dad, Ride/Walk to School Day and Book Swap.  These events are sponsored by the School Site Council as a means of creating communication links among the Ponderosa community.  We really want to know what you think about Ponderosa!

Okay, how can I help?  We thought you’d never ask!  Our meetings are held once a month after school at 3:00 in the staff lounge or primary workshop.  We generally meet the 4th Tuesday of each month.  The dates are published in advance in the Ponderosa Press.  Your children are welcome to attend and can sit close by and work on homework.  We need staff and parent representatives, plus your ideas and input to develop goals for this year.  Please consider joining us at our meetings.

A Quick Guide and Frequently Asked Questions

Ponderosa School Site Council IS:

  • Required by the State of California

  • An Oversight committee which develops and approves the Safe School Action Plan

  • A Committee that develops a system for ongoing communication with parents, community members, the school staff and the district

  • A committee that develops the Single Plan for Student Achievement and allocates funds for the associated programs

Ponderosa School Site Council IS NOT:

  • A school management committee

  • A political organization

  • A grievance committee

  • A fundraising organization

  • An extension of PTA or PEPCO

  • A social group